Romance & Relaxation Tips

Rekindle the Romance

One hundred years ago, a vacation meant a quiet interlude removed from the everyday. We strolled wide verandas, lounged by the shore, dined in elegance, and rested in splendid suites. We knew our every want would be quietly and assuredly satisfied.

Some things should never change.

Some things haven't.

Come to The Inn at Bay Harbor and shut out the hustle, bustle, and distractions of your daily life.

Tips to make your stay more meaningful

Turn off your cell phone; the office can wait. Turn off the TV; the news can wait.

Spend quiet time together. Hold hands as you walk the beach at sunset, sit together on the porch and admire the waves lapping against the shore, let the sound of the breeze and the waves settle you.

Play. Build a sand castle together or write your names in the sand, skip rocks, or challenge her to a game of  lawn croquet. Become kids again together at the water park.

Pamper. Give him breakfast in bed. Give her a day of luxury at the spa. Indulge in a wonderful dessert.

Celebrate. Toast your anniversary. Recall fond memories. Remind him how proud you are of him. Tell her she's become even more beautiful than when she first caught your eye.

Let the spectacular vistas, water, and moonlight in northern Michigan wash all your worries away so that you can refresh and rekindle what holds you together.