Banquet Menus & A/V


Indulgent desserts, health-conscious brunches, savory multiple-course dinners, cocktail party hors d'oeuvres- the options are as varied as they are enticing. The Inn at Bay Harbor's culinary staff has assembled a delightful variety of menu options to complement whatever you have planned.

The Inn at Bay Harbor - A Renaissance Golf Resort Catering Guide

 AV Rental

  • All equipment is rented on a "per room" basis
  • Extensive setups/strikes may require additional labor
  • Listed items and prices are subject to change
  • Seven days advance notice is required to insure availability
  • Customers will be responsible for costs incurred as a result of cancelled requests
  • Equipment ordered, but not used, will be charged unless cancelled prior to setup
  • Technicians are available to assist in the setup or configuration of customer owned equipment or to be present during meetings and presentations. 48 hours notice is required to insure availability, cost is $85/hr
  • Practice sessions prior to the scheduled presentation must be coordinated with the convention planner to ensure room and equipment availability. A/V equipment required will be billed just like a regular presentation.
    If a technician is requested to be present for the practice, the cost is $85/hr.